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Waijung 2 version 22.8a

Release date

20 Aug 2022

What's new?

1.Added Camera blockset

a.Camera block

b.Camera control block

c.Memory block

d.IP camera block

2.Added XCP block

What's improved?

1.Improved the Basic Custom Code block

2.Improved and optimized External Mode communication


Waijung 2 version 22.4b

Release date

28 April 2022

What's new?

1.Added SPIFFS Block

2.Added Volatile Storage Block

3.Added CAN Bus Block

What's improved?

1.Enable the capability to use WiFi Setup Block with External/PIL Simulation mode

2.Updated the SQLite3 Database Block to save database data in SPIFFS

3.Updated the HTTP Server Block to serve data from SPIFFS

4.Updated the String processing block to support string pointer

5.Capability to update the ESP32 partition table in Waijung2 Target Setup Block

6.Fixed pop up warnings in MATLAB 2021b and 2022a

7.Fixed PIL and External mode compiling issues with Matlab 2021a and 2021b

Waijung 2 version 22.2c

Release date

18 February 2022

What's new?

1.Support Processor-in-the-loop (PIL) simulation with WiFi (AP or STA mode)

2.Added Basic Custom Code Block

3.Added IRQ Custom Code Block

Waijung 2 version 22.2b

Release date

7 February 2022

What's new?

1.Support ESP-IDF 4.4.

2.Support ESP32-S3, ESP32-S2 and ESP32-C3.

3.Support External mode with WiFi (AP or STA mode).

What's improved?

1.Optimized C code generation.

2.Improved error handling.

3.SQLite3 Block: Updated to the latest Sqlite3 library and improved User Interface.

Waijung 2 version 20.11b

Release date

23 November 2020

What's new?

1.LEDC Block: To generate PWM signal for LED control.

2.MCPWM Blocks: To generate PWM signal for motor control.

3.Circular Buffer Demo.

4.A mechanism to force code generation in C.

What's improved?

1.The new operation mode to Target (added in waijung2_20.11a) is modified to let the user stream the video feed to either Simulink or Aimagin Connect webpage after processing it within the Target itself. A new demo is added to depict the said features.

2.Optimized the HIL Block for higher data transfer rate.

Waijung 2 version 20.11a

Release date

4 November 2020

What's new?

1.Capability to upload and monitor the program using ESP-IDF Visual Studio Code Extension

2.A serial monitor Matlab app.

3.New blocks

a.HTTP Server Block: To convert the ESP32 to into a web server that serve custom web pages

b.Circular Buffer Block: A circular buffer. is used for buffering data streams.

What's improved?

1.Waijung2 now support from Matlab R2018b upwards

2.The SQLite Block has been modified to support data input from Circular Buffer Block

3.A new operation mode to Target has been added to the Camera Block that would enable the user to process the video feed within the ESP32 itself. The following new blocks have been created to support this operation mode

a.Image Concatenate Block

b.Memory Block

4.Real time information will be shown in the Diagnostic Viewer when compiling and uploading model files to ESP32

5.Configurable sample time is reduced from 10ms to 1ms

Waijung 2 version 20.10a

Release date

6 October 2020

What's new?

First release.

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