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Waijung 2 User Guide

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Waijung 2 User Guide (24.1a)

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Many students, researchers and engineers can easily develop algorithms using Matlab simulations, but find it difficult to make a real device. Waijung 2 is an affordable option for ESP32 that enables fast project turnaround for your next research or commercial IoT project.


Waijung 2 is Aimagin's 2nd generation Simulink® Embedded Coder target that supports ESP32 micro-controller family. We have and will be adding many new features, such as External Mode, PIL Mode, CAN BUS, Drag and drop Webserver components and more to Waijung 2 based on our previous experiences with Waijung 1 and suggestions from customers.


Waijung 2 now supports Xilinx Zynq-7000! It is a powerful SoC which integrates the software programmability of an ARM®-based processor with the hardware programmability of an FPGA. Typical applications for Zynq-7000 includes Advanced driver-asistance system (ADAS), carrier ethernet backhaul, machine vision, medical endoscope, multi-axis motor control, multi-function printers, professional cameras, programmable logic controller, small cell baseband, etc. Currently developed Waijung2 blocks for Zynq-7000 includes digital input, digital output, uart, SPI, SD card, I2C, debounce, ethernet setup, TCP, UDP, timer interrupt, ADC, etc.


We developed Waijung 2 based on the following basic ideas:

1.Be a platform that allows everyone from every level of expertise (students, researchers, engineers) to benefits the most from Model-Based Design Technology and affordable-powerful hardware.

2.Students can apply the same Model-Based design skills to solve real-world problems effectively in industries after graduation.

3.Minimize hardware components, and use web app interface for both IoT and non-IoT embedded system development. Waijung 2 should make it easy for anyone to develop a device that operates just like most commercial Access Point.

This section of the document covers the following topics.

Release note


System requirements

About Matlab / Simulink

How to get Waijung 2

How to manage your Waijung 2 licenses

Useful resources for Waijung

ESP32 Quick jump

Waijung 2 for ESP32 reference document

Frequently Asked Questions about Waijung 2 for ESP32

Getting started with Waijung 2 for ESP32

ESP32 block references

Zynq-7000 Quick jump

Waijung 2 for Zynq-7000 Prerequisites

Getting started with Waijung 2 for Zynq-7000

Zynq-7000 block references

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