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Waijung 2 User Guide (22.8a)

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Many students, researchers and engineers can easily develop algorithms using Matlab simulations, but find it difficult to make a real device. Waijung 2 is an affordable option for ESP32 that enables fast project turnaround for your next research or commercial IoT project.

Waijung 2 is Aimagin's 2nd generation Simulink® Embedded Coder target that supports ESP32 microcontroller family. We have and will added many new features, such as External Mode, PIL Mode, CAN BUS, Drag and drop Webserver components and more to Waijung 2 based on our previous experiences with Waijung 1 and suggestions from customers.

We developed Waijung 2 based on the following basic ideas:

1.Be a platform that allows everyone from every level of expertise (students, researchers, engineers) to benefits the most from Model-Based Design Technology and affordable-powerful hardware.

2.Students can apply the same Model-Based design skills to solve real-world problems effectively in industries after graduation.

3.Minimize hardware components, and use web app interface for both IoT and non-IoT embedded system development. Waijung 2 should make it easy for anyone to develop a device that operates just like most commercial Access Point.

This section of the document covers the following topics.

Release note

System requirements

About Matlab / Simulink

How to get Waijung 2

How to manage your Waijung 2 licenses

Useful resources for Waijung

ESP32 Quick jump

Waijung 2 for ESP32 reference document

Frequently Asked Questions about Waijung 2 for ESP32

Getting started with Waijung 2 for ESP32

ESP32 block references

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