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Waijung 2 User Guide

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Useful resources for Waijung

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1.Matlab Onramp - MathWorks
Learn the essentials of MATLAB® through this free, two-hour introductory tutorial on commonly used features and workflows.


1.Simulink Onramp -MathWorks
Learn the basics of how to create, edit, and simulate models in Simulink® with this free, three hour introductory tutorial.
Prerequisites: MATLAB Onramp


1.Get Started with Stateflow - MathWorks
Stateflow® provides a graphical language that includes state transition diagrams, flow charts, state transition tables, and truth tables. You can use Stateflow to describe how MATLAB® algorithms and Simulink® models react to input signals, events, and time-based conditions.
Stateflow enables you to design and develop supervisory control, task scheduling, fault management, communication protocols, user interfaces, and hybrid systems.
With Stateflow, you model combinatorial and sequential decision logic that can be simulated as a block within a Simulink model or executed as an object in MATLAB. Graphical animation enables you to analyze and debug your logic while it is executing. Edit-time and run-time checks ensure design consistency and completeness before implementation.

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