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Advanced tutorials

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These set of tutorials will cover the advanced tutorials on image classification using deep learning algorithms. If you are new to Waijung 2 for ZYNQ-7000 please visit Prerequisites and Getting started first. These tutorials will guide you to start with computer simulation, hardware designing using Vivado design suite and develop the application, build, compile and download to the hardware using MATLAB Simulink and Waijung 2 for ZYNQ-7000.

What is Image Classification

Image classification is a computer vision task which involves categorizing an input image into one or more predefined classes or categories. The goal is to teach a computer algorithm to recognize and assign labels to images based on their visual content. This is a fundamental problem in the field of machine learning and computer vision, with numerous applications in various industries.


The process of image classification typically involves the following steps:

1.Data Collection

2.Data Preprocessing

3.Model Training





Following set of tutorials are based on Image Classifier block in Deep learning toolbox. This Image Classifier block comes with several pre-trained deep learning networks and we can choose one of those networks according to the requirement. Since those image classification neural networks are pre-trained, we don't need to follow all above steps. We can just do the deployment. For the following tutorials, we are going to use mobilenetv2 network.


Tutorial 1: Simulate Image Classifier block

Tutorial 2: Run image classification algorithm with a still image in Zynq-7000

Tutorial 3: Image classification using camera feed in Zynq-7000


The following software tools and hardware components will be required for this tutorial.

1.Software tools

a.Matlab (Release R2020b or later. This tutorial is developed using R2022a), which must include:


ii.Matlab coder

iii.Simulink coder

iv.Embedded coder

v.Computer vision toolbox

vi.Deep learning toolbox (This toolbox is available from R2020b )

b.Waijung 2 for ZYNQ-7000 (How to get Waijung 2, Waijung 2 installation & activation)

c.Xlilnx tools ( Prerequisites)

d.Serial monitor such as PuTTY or Docklight


a.Zybo Z7-20 development board with a USB cable and micro SD card

b.Pcam 5C camera

c.Monitor with HDMI input

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