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Waijung 2 User Guide


These set of tutorials will cover the basic use cases of GPIO with EMIO interface and AXI interface. If you are new to Waijung 2 for ZYNQ-7000 please visit Prerequisites and Getting started first. These tutorials will guide you to start with hardware designing using Vivado design suite and develop the application, build, compile and download to the hardware using MATLAB Simulink and Waijung 2 for ZYNQ-7000. The followings are the main topic for the basic tutorial.


Tutorial 1: Blink an EMIO LED

Tutorial 2: Blink an LED with AXI GPIO

Tutorial 3: Design a 4-bit counter using 4 LEDs using AXI GPIO


The following software applications will be required for this tutorial


1.Matlab (Release R2020a or later), which must include:


b.Matlab coder

c.Simulink coder

d.Embedded coder


2.Waijung 2 for ZYNQ-7000 (How to get Waijung 2, Waijung 2 installation & activation)

3.Xlilnx tools ( Prerequisites)

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