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Waijung 2 User Guide

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How to request new free trial or activate a product code

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Before following the below instructions, make sure you have installed Waijung2 in your computer by following the instructions given here.

Please follow the instructions given below to request new free trial or to activate a product code.


1.Click on "Request Free Trial" on the Waijung activation page.



2.Fill in your name, email address and choose the free trial product you wish to activate. Click on "Request Free Trial".



Note: The list of free-trial products can be found in the "Free Trial Product" drop-down. (Please refer the image below)

a.To activate a free-trial, select the preferred free-trial from the drop-down (step 1) and then press "Request Free Trial" (step 3).

b.For product code activation,  select "Other..." from the drop-down (step 1), enter your product code (step 2) and then press "Request Free Trial" (step 3).



3.If your email is unregistered in Aimagin, then please follow the below steps:


a.You will be prompted to verify your email address. Check your mail for our confirmation email, and press on "Confirm Your Account" button to proceed.



b.You will be navigated to Aimagin website to set a password to your account. once done, press on "Set a New Password" button.





c.You can now press "Confirm" button on the Waijung license manager app



d.Fill in your personal details and the questions prompted in the Waijung license manager app. once done, press on "Submit" button.





4.On successful free trial activation, you will be navigated to My License Details window.



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