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How to activate another license (main, add-on, product code or free-trial) when a license is already activated

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Please follow these steps in order to add another license. The new license can be from any of the below mentioned scenarios:

a.Addition of an add-on license to a currently activated main license

b.Addition of another main license

c.Request a free-trial for a different product.

d.Activation through product code.


The steps to follow are as follows:


1.In your Waijung license manager app, press "Manage licenses".



2.Press "Add New License" button.



3.You will be navigated to the window shown below. Here, you can add either a purchased (main or an add-on) license key, activate a product code or request for a free trial.


a.To add an add-on license or a main license:

a.Select license type as "Addon or Main".

b.Enter the license key. "Add New License" button.



b.To add a free-trial license:

a.Select license type as "Free".

b.Choose the desired free-trial product from the drop-down. "Add New License" button.


c.To add a free-trial license with product code:

a.Select license type as "Free".

b.Select "Other..." from the drop-down.

c.Enter your product code. "Add New License" button.



4.After successful license addition, the license details are shown in the "My License" window.


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