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Waijung 2 installation & activation

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Before installation please make sure that you have an active Waijung 2 license and Waijung 2 software.


To install Waijung 2, follow the installation guide below.

1.Move the downloaded archive file to the installation directory and extract the content. Make sure that,

a.The installation directory path (in this tutorial: C:\install-dir\waijung2) does not have any spaces.

b.The installation directory path (in this tutorial: C:\install-dir\waijung2) length is < 20 characters.



2.Open Matlab and change the current directory to the extracted folder.



3.Type install_waijung2 in the Matlab Command Window to run the installation script.


4.If there is a pop-up as show below, always click "Yes".


5.The progress of the installation will be shown in the Matlab Command Window. Wait for the message 'Waijung2' installation completed successfully!.


6.After the installation completion the Waijung Manager Matlab application will open up automatically. If it doesn't,

a.Find the Waijung Manager among the Matlab applications in the APPS tab or,


b.Type the command in the'WaijungManager') command in the Matlab Command Window. This application can be used to activate and deactivate license keys.



7.Type in your license key and email. Click Activate to use your license. You will not be able to activate the same license key from another device while you are logged in.

8.Once you click Activate, you will be directed to the page shown below. Here you will be able to find your license information. Click Close to close the window. If you want to use your license with another device, click Deactivate.


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